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Speed mentoring

A good mentor can be invaluable in helping you to succeed – in business, in your career or to solve a particular problem. But sometimes you just can’t find one. One solution to this is peer mentoring. One novel approach is speed peer mentoring, where a group of people get together and mentor each other. […]

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Diploma in Business Leadership

You may have started your business successfully, but how well do you understand all the basic business areas that could help you make your business an even bigger success? Our Diploma in Business Leadership has been developed for for owner/managers looking to upskill in management, owners looking to develop a management team to allow them […]

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SME Enterprise Certificate

You may have started your business successfully, but how well do you understand all the basic business areas that could help you make your business an even bigger success? Our SME Enterprise Certificate has been designed and developed specifically for the needs of managers and leaders in SMEs. It is accredited by the  Chartered Management Institute – the UK’s […]

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SME Management and Leadership Training

Training helps you run your business or organisation more effectively and will make a big difference to your success. However, with so many training courses available, how do you choose? Many are very good ‘bog standard’ training courses. However, if you want to prepare for the future, you need something a little bit different. So our […]

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Taster Workshops

Taster Workshops last approximately an hour and are a great way to try out our more comprehensive training programme. These Taster Workshops are designed to give you the basics on each topic and a taster for the longer workshops. We can run them either at a BBF office, or on your site. We can run […]

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management 2020 training

Management 2020 training is an eight to ten week in-house programme of workshops delivered by an  experienced trainer and workshop facilitator with real life experience of managing people both internally and externally (outsourced).  Our training is high quality and designed to inspire participants to retain and use more of the knowledge shared. To help you decide if you […]

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Cocreative services range from Business Advice, to Mentoring and Training, depending on what your organisation needs. We will help you to become a better manager and leader within your own organisation. With our background in the use and management of technology, our services also come with a Technology ‘flavour’.  Business advice Cocreative business advice is a […]

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Lunchtime learning

If you’d like your team to improve their management skills, but can’t spare them to go on a long training course, why not run an in-house Lunchtime learning workshop? These bite sized sessions run for approximately 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions.  All you need to provide is a room and a group of […]

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Business modelling

Do you have a strategy and plan for your business? In an increasingly turbulent world, there is a bewildering array of uncontrollable factors that can affect your success. Faced with this level of complexity, most managers rely on their ability to perform well in a crisis. However, with a little more foresight (and our strategy […]

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Management mentoring workshop

Even if you have had management training, you may struggle to get the very best from your team, especially if they are highly technical or senior professionals. Are you interested in challenging and helping someone to reach further? Are you willing to share your personal knowledge and experiences? Can you keep matters confidential? Are you […]

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Project management workshop

Do you complete your projects on time? Do your projects cost more than you planned? Do your projects deliver the business benefits you expect? Even using a project methodology like Prince 2 or AGILE project management is no guarantee that your project will come in on time, to cost or deliver the business benefits you […]

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Communication skills workshop

Good communication skills are a key element of business today. To do this, you need to engage well with your colleagues, team, customers and stakeholders to get your message across. Indeed, this is essential whether this is proposals, plans, budgets, recovery actions, self-defence or purely dissemination of information. Moreover, if you communicate well then you […]

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Creative problem solving workshop QuickStorm

You have probably experienced conventional brainstorming before, where someone stands in front of a flip chart and write up ideas one at a time. This person will usually only write up the ideas they like and understand. About 4 hours later, you have maybe 50 ideas. Would you like a way to generate more ideas, […]

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Team performance and critical thinking workshop – Ozonegames

During times of change, the ability of a team to handle uncertainty and apply critical thinking effectively will make a big difference between average and good team performance. Ozonegames is a face-to-face business game played by 1-5 teams competing in a life or death scenario. Each team has to acquire limited resources with varying availability […]

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Business innovation skills workshop

Developing and Implementing Ideas According to independent reports, you are more than 3 times as likely to be a successful business if you have new ideas. As a recent government report on Innovation states, without new ideas, companies in the UK will be unable to compete successfully against new products and services developing economies are […]

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