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Are you ready for new management?

What is new management? One of the problems with our current approach to management is that we treat team members as objects or just ‘resources’ that assigned to roles. We do this regardless of their individual competencies, personal preference or level of commitment. The traditional approach Many managers attend traditional management training, or have learned from […]

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technical mentor

Imanageitbetter technical mentoring is eight x two hour one to one sessions delivered by an experienced technical mentor usually over a period of  four to five months. Imanageitbetter technical mentor programme is designed to build your confidence in delivering a specific IT related assignment, IT project or overcoming a specific technology related management problem. Most businesses […]

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imanageitbetter mentoring

Imanageitbetter mentoring is six x two hour one to one (or group) sessions delivered by an experienced business mentor.  usually over a period of  three to four months. Imanageitbetter mentoring is designed to build your confidence in delivering a specific management assignment, project or overcoming a specific people related problem. For example, perhaps you are […]

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Technical succession plan – do you have one?

  You do have a technical succession plan, don’t you? As a business owner, you don’t want to wake up one day to find that your precious, irreplaceable techie has…gone. For many businesses these days, losing a key technical person can spell disaster. Many techies have scarce skills. These skills include not just specialist technical skills, but also the skills in […]

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A Manager needs to know

No organisation can do without a manager of some sort, if it is to survive. An effective manager will save time, effort and costs, and ensure resources, e.g. people, are effectively utilised. In small organisations, the manager is often the overall business leader as well. To be effective as a manager or leader, it is […]

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8 Tips for Managers during the Olympics

Faster, Higher, Stronger!

Unless you’ve been holidaying on the moon or in a prison in darkest Africa, you will know that the Olympics are about to happen. With just a month to go until they start on 27th July, how are you going to cope with your team members turning up late, going AWOL or being glued to their twitter feed/mobile phone/office TV etc?

Here are some thoughts:

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What is a Manager?

When I tell people I mentor managers, after asking ‘what is a Mentor,’ the next question usually is “what is a Manager”. If you read the various groups here in LinkedIn, you might be forgiven for thinking that a Manager is a poorly skilled, pen pushing, process follower, who is  disrespected by his team. But […]

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Diploma in Business Leadership

You may have started your business successfully, but how well do you understand all the basic business areas that could help you make your business an even bigger success? Our Diploma in Business Leadership has been developed for for owner/managers looking to upskill in management, owners looking to develop a management team to allow them […]

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SME Enterprise Certificate

You may have started your business successfully, but how well do you understand all the basic business areas that could help you make your business an even bigger success? Our SME Enterprise Certificate has been designed and developed specifically for the needs of managers and leaders in SMEs. It is accredited by the  Chartered Management Institute – the UK’s […]

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The Power of Trust

Three and a half years ago, London became the greatest place on earth to be. Why, because we were hosts to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As a London Ambassador volunteer manager, I was privileged to be part of it. I was based at Heathrow airport for three months and, it was while I was […]

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How do you manage your information?

How to manage your information is becoming a bigger and bigger headache. Inside every organisation is a wealth of knowledge just bursting to get out and be shared; with quite a lot of inside people’s heads. This can be fine while they are still there, but you know how it is, someone leaves,  and their […]

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Trip hazards of an accidental manager

Some of us are born managers, some of us plan to become managers but many people become accidental managers. Perhaps you started your own business and were so successful that you have employed additional people. Or maybe you were great at your job as an expert, and then someone came along and promoted you to become […]

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SME Management and Leadership Training

Training helps you run your business or organisation more effectively and will make a big difference to your success. However, with so many training courses available, how do you choose? Many are very good ‘bog standard’ training courses. However, if you want to prepare for the future, you need something a little bit different. So our […]

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Your workplace and other animals

Do you sometimes look at the people you work with and wonder why on earth they behave the way they do? Well, by comparing the way worplace behaviour of people relative to the way certain animals behave we hope to throw a little light on why we sometimes find other people’s workplace behaviour, well, bizzare! […]

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Long live New Management

Recently, I said that management is dead. Lots of people agreed with me. However, without some sort of management we will descend into anarchy and chaos. What we need is new management, with managers who think and act differently. We need new management with managers who: Think and act like a Facilitator In these modern […]

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Management is dead

“I hate my manager!” “Managers are a waste of space” “Management is failing”   Sounds familiar? One of the problems with our current approach to management is that we treat team members as objects or just ‘resources’ to be assigned to roles regardless of their individual competencies, personal preference or level of commitment. Many managers […]

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Service delivery

Whatever your business is, you will be delivering something to someone. It could be delivery of a cloud based software service (SaaS), IT service delivery, developing software for a new technology device or an application for the Internet of Things (IoT). Whatever it is, you will want to be doing it in the most effective […]

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Understanding the motivation and skills of every individual in your team will help you create teams that make the most of these individuals and create an  atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding. As anyone who manages a team knows, productive team performance requires high individual motivation! And high motivation improves staff utilization. But don’t you just […]

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Common Management Problems and Solutions

by Jacqui Hogan These are a selection of common management problems that seem to come up over and over again.  Managing innovation Q: “My ideas never seem to get anywhere because of bureaucracy and an aversion to risk.  How can I persuade other people that new ideas are not always dangerous and can actually be […]

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Growth Vouchers

UK Government pays 50% of the cost of using a Consultant!

I’m pleased to confirm that I have been approved to provide support under the new government grant ‘Growth Vouchers’. This will pay up to £2000 towards business advice, which you have to match. You can only use this with approved advisers. This is available to any small business with less than 50 employees and who has not paid for business advice in the past 3 years.

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Networking for Managers

Effective networking can make a huge difference to your career prospects, both inside and outside your current role. Managers with good networking skills are seen as valuable to their organisations by bringing new knowledge and ideas. The ability to network well is an essential leadership skill – it adds value to you and your organisation. People who know how to network well have access to people, resources and information that will help them solve problems and create opportunities. This will enable you to enhance your value to your organisation and increase your access to potential opportunities outside your organisation.

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12 days of management christmas

On the twelth day of Christmas, my manager gave to me: twelve monthly one to ones Finally, even though you may see your team members every day and think you know what they are doing, almost all of them will appreciate a little ‘you’ time. It doesn’t have to be long – an hour is […]

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Management tips

As an experienced manager and management consultant, I’ve seen a whole range of management problems. Here are a few tips to help you with some of the more common questions. Please feel free to add to the list via comments. If you need help with a specific problem, please Email me. All email correspondence is treated as strictly confidential.

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Management Case Studies

Business Conversations – Meeting the need for micro business owners to tap into each other’s expertise. Mentorset – A Mentoring scheme was left with no manager and no clear direction. Actions included a new strategy and plan. Cloud based Services – New start IT service company needed guidance on key areas of the process, including […]

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Would you like to get better results from your people? Cocreative helps you solve an existing management problem, build confidence, or bridge the gap between your essential IT people and the rest of your team. Our clients realised they couldn’t do it alone, so they got help from us. Why? Because they needed help from someone with […]

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7 worries managers have about remote working


Where’s my team?

With all the technology we have available these days, you would be forgiven for thinking that managers would welcome a request from a team member to work from home in a more flexible way. But, as you have seen from recent news from Yahoo and others, even companies who spend a lot of money on making remote working possible, are now pulling people back into the office.

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Creating a Unicorn

Green UnicornCreating a Unicorn – those almost mythical hybrid managers who understand both the Tech and the Business.

Management is the art of getting the best from your team, without getting in the way of allowing them to use their skills to produce the best results. This is especially true if they are highly technical or senior professionals.

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Management MOT

A one hour management ‘MOT’ including three key suggestions for improving management in your own organisation. In top performing organisations, 80% of managers are rated as effective or highly effective – compared to just 39% in low-performing companies.  Ineffective managers mean higher costs, below par performance and unhappy customers. The Management ‘MOT’ identifies strengths and weaknesses in how […]

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Are you an an effective salesperson?

by Jacqui Hogan There is lots of stuff written about the key success factors in selling, but they all boil down to these: Focus on the customer It’s very easy to get so enthusiastic about your products, services or even you ideas, that you forget about that very crucial person – the customer or buyer. […]

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8 things Managers can learn from managing Olympic volunteers

London 2012 was considered to be huge success, both in terms of our athletics prowess and ability to recruit and manage a vast army of volunteers.Managing such a large army of volunteers is a huge challenge. Especially when most of the Managers were themselves volunteers. There is much talk of our legacy, but what can we learn as managers from how the volunteers were managed?

This is what I learned from being a volunteer Manager.

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Management mentoring workshop

Even if you have had management training, you may struggle to get the very best from your team, especially if they are highly technical or senior professionals. Are you interested in challenging and helping someone to reach further? Are you willing to share your personal knowledge and experiences? Can you keep matters confidential? Are you […]

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5 cheap ways to motivate your team

We live in hard times currently, with our teams of people struggling with no pay rises, limited bonuses (unless you’re a banker ) and longer hours – just to keep our businesses afloat. If you’re the manager of a team, you will know that a motivated team is a more productive team!

Continuing the theme of motivating people without having to spend too much money, here are 5 key ways you as a Manager can motivate YOUR team:

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Management Habit 5 – Listen!

A manager’s listening skills are key to team building, motivation, creating enthusiasm and mutual respect. It’s very easy for a manager to assume that they know everything, and that everyone understands what they mean. For more about this habit and to read my book about the 7 Things Remarkable Managers Do   .

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Be buyer aware

As some of you know, I belong to Toastmasters, and often do speeches there on a variety of topics. Last night, I did a speech about ‘the effective salesperson’, which seemed to hit the spot, so hopefully, you will find it useful too. There is lots of stuff written about the key success factors in […]

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Cocreative top consultants

Sometimes, having a leadership and management coach or mentor is just not enough. Perhaps you need a specific job done or you need someone to complete a specific project quickly. A Cocreative top consultant will do this for you. A Cocreative top consultant can help you: Set up an internal or external mentoring programme Implement […]

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imanageitbetter – management mentoring

A leadership and management mentor  will build your skills ‘live’ after a training course, fill in specific knowledge gaps in a practical way and build your confidence in your skills to grow your business. This is not consultancy, which is where we come in and do a specific task for you. Rather, it is way […]

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