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technical mentor

Technical Mentor  is designed for when you need someone to build your confidence in delivering a specific IT related assignment, project or overcoming a specific problem. For example, perhaps you are new to your management role, are taking on new management responsibilities, or need to manage in a changing environment.  So, this is where a […]

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IT business advice

When you need IT business advice quickly, a top consultant from Cocreative will share what they know from their own experience with other IT businesses. If necessary, we will even step in and do it for you. Whether you call us a business adviser, business coach or even a top business consultant, our aim is […]

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Technical succession plan – do you have one?

  You do have a technical succession plan, don’t you? As a business owner, you don’t want to wake up one day to find that your precious, irreplaceable techie has…gone. For many businesses these days, losing a key technical person can spell disaster. Many techies have scarce skills. These skills include not just specialist technical skills, but also the skills in […]

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Improving projects with web-based tools

Is your project really on track or exactly what you’re supposed to be doing? Perhaps you’re not certain you’re looking at the latest documents. Maybe you’ve been snowed under by a deluge of emails demanding that you do something that you don’t recognise as your task, or you made painstaking changes to a document only […]

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Unravelling IT Jargon

Does IT Jargon like BYOD and Big Data confuse you? Almost all experts in every field have their own Jargon to describe what they do as a short cut to communication within their own expert group. Unfortunately, they often assume everyone else understands these terms, which they rarely do. No one will own up to […]

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Learning from disaster

It was a monday, and for the first few moments of my arrival into the office, it seemed an ordinary day. The sun was shining, our receptionist smiled as I walked towards the lift and all seemed calm. As I set down my briefcase next to my chair and turned on my laptop computer, I noticed a small huddle of people a few desks away. Murmurs of ‘…where’s the data?…’ and ‘…it doesn’t appear to be there…’ reached my ears.

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7 worries managers have about remote working


Where’s my team?

With all the technology we have available these days, you would be forgiven for thinking that managers would welcome a request from a team member to work from home in a more flexible way. But, as you have seen from recent news from Yahoo and others, even companies who spend a lot of money on making remote working possible, are now pulling people back into the office.

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Creating a Unicorn

Green UnicornCreating a Unicorn – those almost mythical hybrid managers who understand both the Tech and the Business.

Management is the art of getting the best from your team, without getting in the way of allowing them to use their skills to produce the best results. This is especially true if they are highly technical or senior professionals.

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