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Learning from disaster

It was a monday, and for the first few moments of my arrival into the office, it seemed an ordinary day. The sun was shining, our receptionist smiled as I walked towards the lift and all seemed calm. As I set down my briefcase next to my chair and turned on my laptop computer, I noticed a small huddle of people a few desks away. Murmurs of ‘…where’s the data?…’ and ‘…it doesn’t appear to be there…’ reached my ears.

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Risk mitigation and management

There are many risks associated with running a business, yet most business owners and managers don’t look at them closely, preferring to trust their ability to fly by the seat of their pants. The bankruptcy courts are full of them!   Risk identification Risks come in many shapes and sizes but they boil down to […]

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Growth Vouchers

UK Government pays 50% of the cost of using a Consultant!

I’m pleased to confirm that I have been approved to provide support under the new government grant ‘Growth Vouchers’. This will pay up to £2000 towards business advice, which you have to match. You can only use this with approved advisers. This is available to any small business with less than 50 employees and who has not paid for business advice in the past 3 years.

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Malware extortion – don’t be a victim!

Before you think ‘this must be another hoax’ , unfortunately it isn’t. I’ve seen this nasty attack twice in the last week, and the effect is nothing short of a disaster. The first you will know about it having got onto your system will be:
• You open a file, and find it is gobbledegook
• You get a large red message telling you that your files are now all encrypted, and you must pay a $300 ‘ransom’ for the unencryption code within (usually) 72 hours.

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Business modelling

Do you have a strategy and plan for your business? In an increasingly turbulent world, there is a bewildering array of uncontrollable factors that can affect your success. Faced with this level of complexity, most managers rely on their ability to perform well in a crisis. However, with a little more foresight (and our strategy […]

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3 ways to tame the scope creep

Scope creepApart from punching him, that is.

Just as you get your project moving along nicely, along comes that nasty person called the scope creep. He (or she) isn’t happy with the project scope you painstakingly agreed at the start of the project, and now wants to change something. It doesn’t matter that you might have to undo something you’ve already agreed to do, it’s ‘just a little change’ they say.

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