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Mentoring for Dummies

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is:

  • An effective way of helping people to progress their business or careers
  • A partnership between two people (Mentor and Mentee) where the Mentor has relevant and useful experience to the Mentee
  • A helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect
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Are you ready for new management?

What is new management? One of the problems with our current approach to management is that we treat team members as objects or just ‘resources’ that assigned to roles. We do this regardless of their individual competencies, personal preference or level of commitment. The traditional approach Many managers attend traditional management training, or have learned from […]

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What is a Manager?

When I tell people I mentor managers, after asking ‘what is a Mentor,’ the next question usually is “what is a Manager”. If you read the various groups here in LinkedIn, you might be forgiven for thinking that a Manager is a poorly skilled, pen pushing, process follower, who is  disrespected by his team. But […]

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Understanding the motivation and skills of every individual in your team will help you create teams that make the most of these individuals and create an  atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding. As anyone who manages a team knows, productive team performance requires high individual motivation! And high motivation improves staff utilization. But don’t you just […]

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Common Management Problems and Solutions

by Jacqui Hogan These are a selection of common management problems that seem to come up over and over again.  Managing innovation Q: “My ideas never seem to get anywhere because of bureaucracy and an aversion to risk.  How can I persuade other people that new ideas are not always dangerous and can actually be […]

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Growth Vouchers

UK Government pays 50% of the cost of using a Consultant!

I’m pleased to confirm that I have been approved to provide support under the new government grant ‘Growth Vouchers’. This will pay up to £2000 towards business advice, which you have to match. You can only use this with approved advisers. This is available to any small business with less than 50 employees and who has not paid for business advice in the past 3 years.

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Management tips

As an experienced manager and management consultant, I’ve seen a whole range of management problems. Here are a few tips to help you with some of the more common questions. Please feel free to add to the list via comments. If you need help with a specific problem, please Email me. All email correspondence is treated as strictly confidential.

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Better Team Performance

Better team performance is not about standing over your team with a big stick, but about clarity of purpose, encouragement and reward.

We live in hard times currently, with our teams of people struggling with no pay rises, limited bonuses (unless you’re a banker ) and longer hours – just to keep our businesses afloat. If you’re the manager of a team, you will know that a motivated team is a more productive team!

Here are some key ways you as a Manager can motivate YOUR team to better performance:

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7 worries managers have about remote working


Where’s my team?

With all the technology we have available these days, you would be forgiven for thinking that managers would welcome a request from a team member to work from home in a more flexible way. But, as you have seen from recent news from Yahoo and others, even companies who spend a lot of money on making remote working possible, are now pulling people back into the office.

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Management MOT

A one hour management ‘MOT’ including three key suggestions for improving management in your own organisation. In top performing organisations, 80% of managers are rated as effective or highly effective – compared to just 39% in low-performing companies.  Ineffective managers mean higher costs, below par performance and unhappy customers. The Management ‘MOT’ identifies strengths and weaknesses in how […]

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8 things Managers can learn from managing Olympic volunteers

London 2012 was considered to be huge success, both in terms of our athletics prowess and ability to recruit and manage a vast army of volunteers.Managing such a large army of volunteers is a huge challenge. Especially when most of the Managers were themselves volunteers. There is much talk of our legacy, but what can we learn as managers from how the volunteers were managed?

This is what I learned from being a volunteer Manager.

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5 cheap ways to motivate your team

We live in hard times currently, with our teams of people struggling with no pay rises, limited bonuses (unless you’re a banker ) and longer hours – just to keep our businesses afloat. If you’re the manager of a team, you will know that a motivated team is a more productive team!

Continuing the theme of motivating people without having to spend too much money, here are 5 key ways you as a Manager can motivate YOUR team:

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Cocreative top consultants

Sometimes, having a leadership and management coach or mentor is just not enough. Perhaps you need a specific job done or you need someone to complete a specific project quickly. A Cocreative top consultant will do this for you. A Cocreative top consultant can help you: Set up an internal or external mentoring programme Implement […]

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Creative problem solving workshop QuickStorm

You have probably experienced conventional brainstorming before, where someone stands in front of a flip chart and write up ideas one at a time. This person will usually only write up the ideas they like and understand. About 4 hours later, you have maybe 50 ideas. Would you like a way to generate more ideas, […]

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Team performance and critical thinking workshop – Ozonegames

During times of change, the ability of a team to handle uncertainty and apply critical thinking effectively will make a big difference between average and good team performance. Ozonegames is a face-to-face business game played by 1-5 teams competing in a life or death scenario. Each team has to acquire limited resources with varying availability […]

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