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5 stages for successful creative problem solving

Creative problem solving works. If you really want to solve a problem, use creative problem solving. This will enable you to harness all those ideas hidden away in your head and in the heads of your team, customers and bosses. If you’re fed up with the same-old brainstorming approach. Try this instead. 1. Set the […]

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How to be more creative

Be more creative? Only arty people can do that. Right? Wrong! Anyone can be more creative Having worked with hundreds of people over many years, I have often been told this, but have yet to meet anyone who can’t be more creative! With the right support, tools and encouragement, anyone can be more creative. Your […]

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Creative problem solving workshop QuickStorm

You have probably experienced conventional brainstorming before, where someone stands in front of a flip chart and write up ideas one at a time. This person will usually only write up the ideas they like and understand. About 4 hours later, you have maybe 50 ideas. Would you like a way to generate more ideas, […]

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