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Is Brexit a Black Swan event?

If you grew up with Monty Python, you will be familiar with the expression ‘no-one expected the Spanish Inquisition’! For me, and I suspect for a great many, the successful Brexit vote to leave the EU was just as unexpected. In other words a Black Swan event. There is a theory that people have psychological biases that […]

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How to be more creative

Be more creative? Only arty people can do that. Right? Wrong! Anyone can be more creative Having worked with hundreds of people over many years, I have often been told this, but have yet to meet anyone who can’t be more creative! With the right support, tools and encouragement, anyone can be more creative. Your […]

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Business change

You know how it is; you carefully plan your trip, select the appropriate clothing for your trip and pack light. Then you arrive and find that the climate has changed, and you no longer have the right clothes. You can no more rely on your business environment staying the same than you can the weather. […]

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Growth Vouchers

UK Government pays 50% of the cost of using a Consultant!

I’m pleased to confirm that I have been approved to provide support under the new government grant ‘Growth Vouchers’. This will pay up to £2000 towards business advice, which you have to match. You can only use this with approved advisers. This is available to any small business with less than 50 employees and who has not paid for business advice in the past 3 years.

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Effective Project Managers are Adaptable (Habit 5)

Many projects fail because the Project Manager cannot flex their plans to account for changing business priorities. Effective project managers listen to the business, ask questions to clarify whether the changes are business driven and then agree the impact accordingly. Effective Project Managers spend time walking in the businesses shoes. Some Project Managers believe that […]

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17 ways to be more Innovative

Top Left of a post-it-note Big companies generally have more resources for Innovation, but smaller companies can still learn from what they do. Here are some ideas from the most Innovative, based on a recent BCG (Boston Consulting Group) survey of 1,070 senior executives to find the worlds most Innovative companies.

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What is Innovation?

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Business innovation is a vital ingredient in raising the productivity, competitiveness and growth potential of modern economies. Essentially, Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas. These can be ideas for products, services or processes. It includes both radical new ideas and incremental changes to existing ones. All businesses can, and should, innovate.

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3 ways to tame the scope creep

Scope creepApart from punching him, that is.

Just as you get your project moving along nicely, along comes that nasty person called the scope creep. He (or she) isn’t happy with the project scope you painstakingly agreed at the start of the project, and now wants to change something. It doesn’t matter that you might have to undo something you’ve already agreed to do, it’s ‘just a little change’ they say.

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