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yinyang of leadership and managementWhatever your business is, you will be delivering something to someone. It could be delivery of a cloud based software service (SaaS), IT service delivery, developing software for a new technology device or an application for the Internet of Things (IoT). Whatever it is, you will want to be doing it in the most effective and efficient way that you can.

Success can never be guaranteed, but it should not be an unfathomable mystery either.

Taking a few steps to manage your resources and people, contain your risks and quickly solve problems that arise can make a big difference to how successful you are.

While you still need some project governance, it isn’t always necessary to use a ‘heavy weight’ project methodology.

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Risk Management

In an increasingly turbulent world, there is a bewildering array of uncontrollable factors that can affect your success. Faced with this level of complexity, most managers rely on their ability to perform well in a crisis, especially where they may have extensive experience of software development or IT service delivery in larger organisations.

Project Management  

Whether you are developing complex software or setting up a new service delivery, getting a great result doesn’t mean you necessarily need a complicated Project methodology like Prince 2. Using some of the key element can still give you a necessary level of project governance. Following a few simple tips, you can make sure that, next time, you deliver what you expect, when you expect it and for the cost you expect.

Creative problem solving

We have a tool-box of creative tools and techniques that will take you from problem definition to potential solutions. These can be used to address problems with your service levels, customer satisfaction and issues with project governance and management.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Determining your level of customer satisfaction sometimes means going directly to them and asking the right questions. We have a simple format for finding out what your customers really think, and what else they would like you to do. With this, you can then compare the results and determine what you need to do to raise your overall customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to buy more goods and services.

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