Recipe for success in 2017

As the new year begins, you are probably thinking about what to do to make your business more successful this year. If you liken your business to a great meal, you will need to get all the right ingredients together and then mix together using an effective recipe.

For a well risen business, you’ll need:

recipe for your business cake

  • Your own unique recipe ingredients in a small plan
  • Large spoon fulls of talented people
  • 1 leader, zested
  • A small quantity of well ground new ideas
  • Small number of processes, well trimmed
  • Plain or self raising finance (as needed)
  • Well seasoned managers
  • Customers to taste

Business recipe method:

  1. Prepare your plan, checking that sufficient unique ingredients are identified and available
  2. Mix together spoonfulls of people and well ground ideas, adding a spoonful at a time until well mixed
  3. Chop your processes until small. Select only those that are fresh and fold carefully into the people mixture.
  4. Make sure your leader is well zested, and add to the mixture. Watch out for curdling – where the people and leader mixtures separate. Should this happen, you may need to get help, as once separated, they are very difficult to reintegrate. Adding more processes will not help.
  5. If the mixture has too many air holes, you may want to add some plain or self raising finance. Only add as much as is needed to create a manageable consistency.
  6. Place your mixture into your plan.
  7. Warm through carefully, and watch the mixture as it rises. If you’ve followed the steps correctly, your mixture is unlikely to slump in the middle. If it does, don’t panic, as help is available.
  8. Turn out and share with customers.
  9. Enjoy!

And if you’d like to discuss your recipe with other business owner/managers why not drop in to Business ConversationsĀ  to share your own recipe for success!

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