3 people sharing their motivationUnderstanding the motivation and skills of every individual in your team will help you create teams that make the most of these individuals and create an  atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding. As anyone who manages a team knows, productive team performance requires high individual motivation! And high motivation improves staff utilization.

But don’t you just pay them more to improve their motivation?

According to & Hyphen:

  • A third of employees would take a pay-cut in favour of more annual leave
  • Career prospects are more important than money for graduate jobseekers
  • A quarter (25%) of 16-24 year olds chose their employer based on number of holidays
  • Nearly three quarters (70%) of more than 1,000 employees polled feel their employer either takes their efforts for granted or expects them to feel grateful for having a job

Improve individual performance

Simple and painless ways to agree targets, create inexpensive development plans and improve motivation. Highly motivated individuals have high utilization.

Improve team performance   

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, different people often approach tasks in different and often unexpected ways. To be effective, teams need a mix of different skills and with these come different ways of working. Get them using these skills to your advantage.

Get better at mentoring

A Mentor provides inspiration, encourages motivation and gives support, enabling you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals and objectives with greater confidence. Everyone should have a mentor. Mentoring will improve individual performance and team performance.

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