Mentoring for Dummies

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is:

  • An effective way of helping people to progress their business or careers
  • A partnership between two people (Mentor and Mentee) where the Mentor has relevant and useful experience to the Mentee
  • A helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect

Benefits to the Mentee

Having a Mentor gives you someone to help you think about your options, set goals and support you to stay focused in the pursuit of those goals. You can discuss issues in confidence with an independent person who can provide a different perspective and build your confidence.

A Mentor provides inspiration and support, enabling you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals and objectives.

Good Mentors

  • Have broad experience of  a business area similar to yours
  • Check for any conflict of interest
  • Have Empathy: the ability to see the world through your eyes
  • Ask questions: open questions, probing questions, but not leading questions
  • Listen Actively
  • Suggest not tell
  • Manage your expectations about what they can and can’t do
  • Agree goals and objectives
  • Boost your confidence

Bear in mind

  • Mentoring does not guarantee success. But it will certainly help towards achieving it.
  • A mentor will not have exactly the same experiences as you. They will have different experiences, which will give you more options.
  • Mentee drives the partnership. You set the pace.
  • Mentee takes responsibility for actions. You make the decisions.
  • Mentors don’t find customers! They can however, suggest strategies for attracting them.
  • Mentoring partnerships should last for a finite time

A Mentor can help

  • You get an outside/different perspective on a difficult  business problem
  • Talk you through the different options and help you to decide which is the best one
  • Give you a broader perspective on your business options
  • Give you a sounding board for new ideas
  • Bring your knowledge of key business related areas up to date
  • Develop your skills and knowledge
  • Help you learn from someone else’s successes and mistakes.

I’ve been mentoring business owners and high value individuals for over 10 years, mostly in technology and engineering.  They all tell me how worthwhile it is to have a mentor!


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