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Management 2020 training is an eight to ten week in-house programme of workshops delivered by an  experienced trainer and workshop facilitator with real life experience of managing people both internally and externally (outsourced). 

Our training is high quality and designed to inspire participants to retain and use more of the knowledge shared.

To help you decide if you need Management Training, please read this pdf guide to choosing management training

Training to help you run your business or organisation more effectively can make a big difference to your success. However, with so many training courses available, how do you choose? While many are very good ‘bog standard’ training courses, if you want to prepare for the future, we believe that you need something a little bit different. 

The 2020 training programme provides specific leadership and management to help you grow your business quickly. 

SME Enterprise Certificate

The SME Certificate training programme is for inexperienced or aspiring managers, who need to understand the business fundamentals to make your business more successful.

Diploma in Business Leadership

The Diploma in Business Leadership programme is for owner/managers looking to improve their business management skills, owners looking to develop a management team, or experienced managers looking to re-awaken their entrepreneurial spirit. 

Project Management for Managers

This workshop covers not just the key elements of a great Project Management strategy, but also looks at the personal effectiveness and people management skills necessary for effective Project Management.

Creative Problem Solving

This workshop provides is a quick and simple way for you to produce large numbers of ideas in a short time, which you will then review and quickly sort.

Critical Thinking in Teams

This is a face-to-face business game played by 1-5 teams competing in a life or death scenario. You will form a team quickly, create a strategy and plan of action based on incomplete information and learn how to make difficult decisions as a team.

Better Communications

During this workshop, you will learn techniques for writing reports that people want to read, and how to plan and construct effective presentations, that are persuasive and memorable.

Mentoring for Managers

The Effective Mentoring for Managers is a workshop where we looks at the personal skills, recommended approaches and processes needed to mentor highly skilled technical (IT and Engineering) people. This includes the opportunity to practice your mentoring skills.

Lunchtime Learning 

If you’d like your team to improve their management skills, but can’t spare them to go on a long training course, why not run an in-house Lunchtime learning workshop? These bite sized sessions run for approximately 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions.  All you need to provide is a room and a group of interested learners. We do the rest.
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