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lunchtime learning If you’d like your team to improve their management skills, but can’t spare them to go on a long training course, why not run an in-house Lunchtime learning workshop? These bite sized sessions run for approximately 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions.  All you need to provide is a room and a group of interested learners. We do the rest.

7 Things Extraordinary Managers do

Based on Jacqui Hogan‘s best-selling management ebook, this is lunchtime learning workshop is overview of the 7 key habits that distinguish an effective manager from a merely competent one. You will learn what you need to practice in order to become more en extraordinary manager.

Critical thinking by Teams

An original (and fun) business game based on planning for a disaster.During this lunchtime learning workshop, you will experience making decisions under pressure and improve your understanding of team working.

Creative Problem Solving

This lunchtime learning, interactive workshop will enable you to learn and practice techniques for idea generation and evaluation. You will experience how to manage new ideas and so raise your ability to Innovate.

Presentation Skills

Learn techniques for overcoming nerves, planning and constructing effectives speeches and presentations, and making maximum positive impact. This lunchtime learning workshop includes what is appropriate in different situations including how to handle impromptu communications. There will be an opportunity afterwards to ask questions about communication problems you may have experienced in the past.

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Jacqui ran a team building course for my employees. They all came away from it having learned valuable lessons and were talking about it for days afterwards. We are going to book her again. I can’t recommend her highly enough’ FB (Cansdales)

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