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Jacqui Hogan has been helping businesses succeed since 2003, following a successful career in management. She has wide experience as a business adviser, mentor, and trainer.


Business advice

Jacqui HoganJacqui Hogan is an expert adviser in business strategy and planning, for both new and existing businesses. She has worked in senior management roles for organisations within the IT outsourcing, application software, engineering, not for profit and pharmaceuticals sectors. Her knowledge is particularly strong in developing effective business strategies and plans within innovative IT companies. She is particularly skilled at identifying business management ‘black holes’ and finding in finding suitable solutions. Jacqui’s combination of technical IT know-how, business understanding, empathy, people skills, and systematic approach has delivered great results for her clients.

She has been an accredited Business Adviser with ibd (initiatives in business development) since 2004, has an MBA from the Open University and is a Chartered Member of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Jacqui has written five books on management related topics, available from Amazon and BookBoon.

Jacqui Hogan’s business clients have included a wide variety of new-start businesses, IT businesses wanting to grow and organisations looking to review their strategies for stability or new ventures.

“Jacqui carried out a business review to help me focus on what the key issues were within the business. Having worked with consultants before I have often found that they end up focussing on relatively minor things or matters which are not really an issue within the business, perhaps working to their particular strengths rather than the needs of my business. Jacqui’s approach was different – she quickly identified those areas which could be ignored and then used a structured approach to help me focus on the key areas.” GJ, Owner, Jenner & Co



Jacqui Hogan has wide experience in senior management and with mentoring middle and junior managers. Her management experience includes both direct management responsibility, as well as managing difficult and challenging client teams as an outsourced manager. She is particularly skilled in situations with a high degree of uncertainty or change; mentoring and motivating those involved to communicate effectively with stakeholders. Jacqui’s combination of technical IT know-how, business understanding, empathy, people skills, and systematic approach has helped many clients to greater confidence and ability to deliver goals.

She has qualified as an Accredited Master Mentor from the IIC&M and is a Fellow of the mentoring organisation, IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs).

Jacqui Hogan’s mentoring clients have included senior managers looking to move forward into new roles, managers struggling with collaborating with colleagues on IT projects and a specialist Institute for their UK wide mentoring programme.

“Jacqui has been the most brilliant mentor to me. She has always been enormously supportive of any new project that I have decided to embark on and helped me to achieve my goals and much more beyond. Jacqui has vision, energy and a very open mind.” TW



Jacqui Hogan has facilitated workshops for groups ranging from six to two hundred people, using a wide range of creative thinking techniques. She is used to working with a diverse range of people and situations. Jacqui not only delivers engaging workshops, but adds her own business and management experience to make them better value.

She is a Distinguished Toastmaster (the highest level of communication and leadership) with Toastmasters International, and a Member of the Professional Speakers Association.

Jacqui Hogan’s training clients have included various organisations for mentoring, innovation, management and leadership, entrepreneurship, project management, team building, critical thinking and communication skills.

“Jacqui ran a team building course for my employees. They all came away from it having learned valuable lessons and were talking about it for days afterwards. We are going to book her again. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”  FB, Partner at Cansdales

Additional Information

  • Elected executive committee member of the BCS (British Computer Society) ELITE group (effective leadership in IT)
  • Member of the Professional Speakers Association
  • Regional (Thames Valley) Board Member and Mentoring Champion of the CMI
  • Author of four management related books

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  1. Adrineh Pike March 13, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    Hi Jacqui, it was very nice meeting you at the breakfast meeting on Friday. I told Alastair about our meeting, he remembered you very well.
    I am still struggling with FB and Twitter but I will ‘like’ your FB and follow you on Twitter.
    Our workshops for Cliveden and Bisham Abbey are listed on

    Hope to talk to you again soon

    Kind regards
    Adrineh but friends call me ‘Adda’ 🙂

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