Creative problem solving workshop QuickStorm

person doing a handstand on a creative toolboxYou have probably experienced conventional brainstorming before, where someone stands in front of a flip chart and write up ideas one at a time. This person will usually only write up the ideas they like and understand. About 4 hours later, you have maybe 50 ideas. Would you like a way to generate more ideas, evaluate them and produce an action plan?

QuickStorm is a workshop that will give you a quick and simple way of producing large numbers of ideas in a short time, which can then be reviewed and quickly sorted, using our extensive creative ‘toolbox’. You will improve your own creative problem solving skills too.


Creative problem solving workshop content:

  • Identifying the REAL problem
  • Understanding basic creative problem solving skills and tools
  • ‘Brainstorming’ – generating lots of ideas using our creative problem solving ‘toolbox’
  • Sorting, evaluating and selecting good ideas
  • Creating an action plan

Some of the problems we have helped with:

  • How can I improve my staff motivation?
  • How can we make a better quality product?
  • I am using technology but it is not saving me time/money.
  • How can I address the problem that customers are complaining about service delays?
  • Important supplies have just got more expensive/scarce/poor quality. What can I do?
  • How can I get more customers to refer me?
  • Why are customers complaining about my helpline?
  • What would I need to do to introduce ‘home working’ to save office costs?
  • My overheads have suddenly increased. How can I reduce them?
  • How can my salesmen be motivated to make their targets?

This is part of our management 2020 training programme that can be delivered as:

  • Internal training where we can tailor the workshop to your specific requirements
  • External training shared between several different organisations where you can benefit from other organisations experience.

Email me more information about creative problem solving or call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997


“Jacqui ran an excellent series of workshops on creative thinking for us. They were well thought out and delivered with confidence and aplomb, despite some tricky participants, and were thoroughly enjoyed and valued by all the attendees.” GH


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