cocreative personCocreative Ltd was formed in 2003 by Jacqui Hogan. Jacqui is the key delivery person, working in collaboration with specialist associates and respected third party organisations.

Since 2003, Cocreative Ltd has helped many businesses and individual managers and leaders achieve more than they would have done working alone. In particular, we’ve helped them launch new products and services, manage projects more effectively or reignite their entrepreneurial skills.

We work with businesses ranging from one-man bands to multi-million pound corporate organisations; however, almost all of our clients are small and medium sized technology companies. Combining our existing experience and knowledge of the IT sector has also given us an increasing knowledge and understanding of this sector as it develops. Not just from a technology point of view, but also from the perspective of understanding how new technology is affecting the wider business environment. As a result, we think this gives us a better ability than ‘generalist’ advisers, mentors and trainers to deliver useful and meaningful services to that sector. We never forget that the pervasive nature of IT means all businesses have to improve their understanding. In effect, we are a bridge between IT and Business.

Our Approach

‘Co’ – sharing our knowledge and experience

‘Creative’ – to create value for your organisation

Our philosophy is that your business is unique, so we tailor each engagement to bring maximum value to you and your business.

We share our experience and knowledge with you to help you solve your problems for yourself, both now and in the future. Our coaching techniques will build your confidence, help you use tools to identify a wide range of solutions and give you templates to use again in the future. Most importantly, our aim is NOT to build a dependency on using our services, but to impart our knowledge to you for you to use going forward. We will transition back to your own managers as soon as we can, giving them training if needed.

For specific help, we will come in and do it for you, whether this is a small regular task, 1 day a month or for a single project.

If you need specialist help that falls outside our skill set, we will find someone from our network of expert associates and, if necessary, manage them for you.

Our values

  • Reliability
  • Approachable
  • Open
  • Sharing
  • Honest
  • Innovative
  • Professional
  • Fun
  • Expert

Registered address for Cocreative Ltd.

Cocreative ltd
15 Hampden Hill Beaconsfield Bucks HP9 1BP

Reg: GB 4702280