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signpost----adviceWhen you need business advice quickly, a top consultant from Cocreative will share what they know from their own experience. If necessary, they will even step in and do it for you. Whether you call us a business adviser, business coach or even a top business consultant, our aim is to help you achieve your business goals easily, quickly and with no cost surprises.

We will ask objective questions about your situation, offer alternative solutions based on our experience, help you choose between these and your own ideas and help you to learn how to solve them yourself. We will help you put together an action plan, support you in taking the actions and guide you through and problems or changes that arise.

bridge the gap between business and IT - flowchartCocreative business advice is a programme delivered by an experienced business adviser with real life business experience and know-how. We will augment your own experience, providing support and input just where and when you need it.

Each advice assignment is unique, but usually follows the following process:

  1. An initial meeting with looking at your requirements, using the ibd business health check
  2. Identify what advice is needed
  3. Agree an action plan
  4. Support you through the process
  5. A final review meeting to review success and determine what additional support (if any) is needed.

Some examples of business advice, new ideas and solutions we’ve given to other businesses:

  • Get your new business off the ground
  • Set up an internal mentoring programme
  • Implement an employee suggestion scheme
  • Facilitate a difficult meeting
  • Produce a bespoke leadership and management training course or workshop
  • Manage or rescue a project
  • Produce and manage customer satisfaction surveys
  • Streamline your business plan
  • Take on an interim leadership and management role
  • Improve a standard presentation
  • Improve your internal documentation

To help you decide if a Business Adviser is for you, please read this pdf guide to choosing a business adviser.

Email me more information about cocreative business advice from a top consultant or call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997.

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