Business review

yinyang of leadership and managementHave you ever wondered whether your business could be more successful than it is? An independent business review can give you an unbiased view of what is really happening compared to other businesses like yours.

Our business review identifies strengths and weaknesses in how you manage your business and shows where you may be losing money and where you can make improvements. Our business review gives you objective feedback and focuses on the areas where your business is most at risk.


The business review looks at:

  • finance – costs, profitability and cash flow management
  • people – communication, motivation and productivity
  • sales – incentives, effectiveness and results
  • marketing – competitive awareness, costs and effectiveness
  • strategic planning – risk management, business planning and innovation

We also aim to give you two to three ideas for improvement.

The business review takes about an hour, and is FREE for qualifying companies.

Contact me to discuss a business review or call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997.

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