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bridge the gap between business and IT - flowchart“Business innovation is a vital ingredient in raising the productivity, competitiveness and growth potential of modern economies.”
Business innovation is a key element to entrepreneurship and anyone who aspires to be either an entrepreneur (external entrepreneurship) or an intrapreneur (internal entrepreneurship).

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Essentially, Innovation is the successful exploitation of new good business ideas. These can be ideas for innovative new business products, services or processes and continuous improvement. It includes both radical new ideas and incremental changes to existing ones. All businesses have the capacity for innovation.

Why do you need new good business ideas?

Because the business environment in which you operate is constantly changing. Other businesses are inventing better products, better

ways of working etc. If you don’t innovate, you will eventually lose business to better and smarter competitors. The rate at which this happens varies from industry to industry, but eventually all industries change.

Business innovation leads to higher and more sustainable profitability, business innovation gives you the ability to stay ahead of your competition and provides higher value to customers. New good business ideas and continuous improvement offer you a way of meeting challenges both inside and outside your business. It enables businesses to compete effectively in the increasingly competitive global environment.

Business innovation is at the heart of increasing competitiveness, encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and raising productivity.

Business innovation is core to your growth.


For more information about how we can help you –

Innovation review

Whether you are a new or growing business with a new idea, an independent review will help you assess your ‘readiness’ and identify the right action plan.

Introduction to innovation

This practical workshop will equip you with simple approaches and tools to help you understand and successfully implement business innovation in your organisation. This might include ways to improve your internal entrepreneurship, how to find good business ideas e.g. suggestion schemes and ways to get continuous improvement.

Creative problem solving

Often, the first step in business innovation is taking a look at the problems you may have already identified. This workshop is a quick and simple way of producing large numbers of ideas in a short time, which can then be reviewed and quickly sorted into a shortlist of good business ideas.

Get better at innovation

An innovations mentor provides inspiration, encourages motivation and gives support, enabling you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals and objectives for innovation with greater confidence.

Email me more information about Innovation or call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997.




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    “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland

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