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Cocreative signpost to servicesCocreative helps you solve an existing management problem, build confidence, or bridge the gap between your essential IT people and the rest of your team. Our clients realised they couldn't do it alone, so they got help from us. Why? Because they needed help from someone with more experience, a different perspective and whom they can trust.

Management Mentoring - when you need to build your confidence and people skills

Technical Mentoring – when you need to build better rapport with your IT people

Management Training – when you need specific knowledge for the future


Management Mentoring

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Imanageitbetter manegement mentoring is six sessions of one to one mentoring delivered by an experienced management mentor over three to four months.

Technical Mentoring

Cocreative IT business advice Technical mentor and IT management 2020 training


Cocreative technical mentoring is 8 sessions of one to one mentoring delivered by an experienced technical mentor. over three to five months.

Management Training

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Management 2020 training includes half day key skills workshops to a ten week in-house management workshop programme, delivered by an  experienced trainer and workshop facilitator with real life experience of managing people both internally and externally (outsourced). 

Although we can, and do, work with any small or medium sized business that needs our help, Cocreative specialises in helping those that operate with IT in them somewhere. Using IT solutions like MS office is straightforward - but navigating the ever changing IT scene, or managing the technical geniuses who integrate productivity tools or develop

solutions, is not. Managing this effectively is frequently crucial to the continued success of your organisation. 

For IT experts starting their own business, whether you are fixing PCs, writing back-office systems or developing cloud based services, having a better understanding of the business world will add greatly to your success.

Why choose Cocreative?

You may find that other advisers, mentors or trainers have an ‘understanding gap’ between how business works and what technology can do. Most people understand one or the other, but few understand both. We do. Cocreative will help you bridge this gap and enable you to become more successful as a result.

Cocreative has been helping small and medium sized businesses since 2003. Along the way, we have developed many checklists and templates to save time in doing most of the tasks you need to do. Most are available free on our website. This gives you quick access to a wide range of useful techniques, and maximises the long-term positive impact of working with a business adviser/mentor.

Our practical, workshop based, training programme is focussed on helping entrepreneurs develop their skills in running their businesses effectively with minimum disruption to your daily activities.

If you want to know more about what we do, please have a look around the website. There’s lots of useful information like checklists for managers like you to look at. 

So what are waiting for? This may be the best investment you ever made.

Email or text Jacqui now on 07739 488060 to arrange an introductory chat.

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