Cocreative bridges the divide between IT and Business

Most businesses operate with IT in them somewhere. Using IT solutions like MS office is straightforward - but developing solutions internally, managing the technical geniuses who integrate productivity tools or  start s

bridge the gap between business and IT - flowchartharing data across platforms, is not. Regardless of whether you do this with trusted internal staff or use an external supplier, managing them effectively is important to the future success of your organisation. 

For IT experts starting their own business, whether you are fixing PCs, writing back-office systems or developing cloud based services, having a better understanding of the business world will add greatly to your success. bridge the gap between business and IT - bridge Cocreative

In many organisations, there is an ‘understanding gap’ between how business works and what technology can do. Most people understand one or the other, but few understand both. We do. Cocreative will help you bridge this gap and enable you to become more successful as a result.

Why choose Cocreative?

Our clients are entrepreneurs, MDs, and senior managers like you, who are looking to solve an existing business problem, build their confidence, or create new business. They need to work with someone with experience, who they trust and can rely on.

bridge the gap between business and IT - jIgsaw CocreativeLead by Jacqui Hogan, Cocreative has been bridging the IT/Business gap for small and medium sized businesses since 2003. Along the way, we have developed many checklists and templates to save time in doing most of the tasks you need to do. (These apply equally well to non-IT businesses too). Most are available free on our website. This gives you quick access to a wide range of useful techniques, and maximises the long-term impact of working with a business coach/mentor.

Our practical, workshop based, training programme is focussed on helping entrepreneurs develop their skills in running their businesses effectively with minimum disruption to your daily activities.

bridge the gap between business and IT - lightbulb Cocreative
or text Jacqui now on 07739 488060 to arrange an introductory chat.

I work with experienced business managers like you, to help you identify and fill your black holes. I work alongside managers like you to support you to deliver new systems and projects.

If one to one management mentoring support doesn’t feel right for you, or you have colleagues who need help too, you can take more formal training courses in Management & Leadership, covering everything you need to know about being a manager in your Small or Medium sized business.

If this is also too much, we also run short workshops in presentation skills, critical thinking and creative problem solving.

So that’s us, Cocreative.

If you want to know more about what we do, please have a look around the website. There’s lots of useful information like checklists for managers like you to look at. And of course you can get in touch with me as I’m always happy to chat with you about your needs.

Email or text Jacqui now on 07739 488060 to arrange an introductory chat.

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Business Coaching and Mentoring

bridge the gap between business and IT - jIgsaw Cocreative

A Cocreative business management mentor will work alongside you and share her extensive knowledge and experience. A business management mentor will give you support and encouragement, enabling you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals and objectives with greater confidence.

Entrepreneurial Training Workshops

bridge the gap between business and IT - lightbulb Cocreative

Cocreative training is a high quality programme, designed for SMEs, and delivered by a learning mentor who has management experience in the real world. A learning mentor will inspire you to retain and use more of the information shared and in practical ways.

Inspiring new management and business ideas

bridge the gap between business and IT - flowchartA Cocreative inspiration facilitator will inspire you, encourage you and facilitate you to become more motivated. An inspiration facilitator will help you and your team rekindle your entrepreneurial zeal. 

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