Are you an IT business owner or manager?

Want to improve or grow your business?

Need help to understand the people stuff?

Cocreative works with IT business owners and managers to help them deliver more value from their business. Cocreative will help you get better value from the people you employ and the people you work with. Cocreative will help you increase productivity and grow through improved management and business skills. Cocreative will help you set clear goals and a strategy to achieve them.

Jacqui Hogan photoAfter a successful career in IT, Jacqui Hogan noticed that there are a lot of business mentors, management consultants and leadership coaches out there, but very few who really understand Informati

on Technology. In 2003, Jacqui set up Cocreative, based in Beaconsfield, to focus on helping this sector.

We’re different!

Most business mentors, management consultants and leadership coaches are generalists. While they understand how businesses work, they do not understand the idiosyncrasies of the fast moving IT market. I do. I watch the trends and work closely with organisations such as the British Computer Society – meeting leaders in a wide variety of different IT organisations and developing close links with them. I understand the industry and talk your language.

IT businesses are different. While much of the day-to-day business is the same as other industries, IT has some special challenges. Like dealing with the pace of technology change and managing highly technical and smart IT people. While Cocreative can, and does, help a range of small businesses, I specialise in helping forward looking Information Technology and related businesses owners and managers. I will help you achieve greater success, using a variety of creative tools and techniques, one to one support, group brainstorming and workshops. Since 2003, Cocreative has helped many IT business owners, managers and directors to achieve their business goals.

Cocreative has been helping IT business owners, managers and directors to achieve their business goals since 2003. The combination of my technical IT background, business knowledge, management experience, empathy, people skills and systematic approach have delivered often startling results for my clients.

If the idea of using an IT management consultant, IT business mentor or management and leadership coach is a bit daunting, do not worry. I am friendly, practical and will not ever do anything chargeable without your prior clear agreement. Most of what I do is fixed price and, as I am approved for many of the government support schemes, I can often get you grant funding to help pay for what I do e.g. Growth Accelerator, Growth Vouchers etc.

We can help you with sorting out your:


Having a clear goal and a strategy to get there can improve your chances of success significantly – even if you run a micro business. An IT business mentor can help you with your direction.


Good business communication is a key element of business management today. An IT management consultant can help you communicate better with your colleagues, your team, your customers and your stakeholders to get your message across with better communication.


Anyone who manages a team knows that productive team performance depends on individual motivation. A management and leadership coach can help you inprove both your and your team’s motivation.


Taking a few steps to manage your resources and people, contain your risks and quickly solve problems that arise can make a big difference to how successful you are. An IT management consultant can help you with delivery.


New ideas are a vital ingredient in raising the productivity, competitiveness and growth potential of every business. An IT business mentor can help you implement successful innovation.


The ability to anticipate business change and then plan for it, and having the flexibility to be able to adapt quickly to unanticipated business change, are two of the most important skills to have in business today. An IT business mentor can help you manage change more effectively.

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