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squareAre you an IT person who wants to start or grow your business, but who needs a little help with understanding all the non IT stuff?

I have worked in IT for over 30 years, from being an IT software developer through IT Project Management to senior IT leadership. Building on this experience, as well as my research and MBA, I have developed 100s of MDs, Directors and senior IT Managers to improve their business skills, people skills and results. (Read more about Jacqui Hogan).

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Few IT people are good at understanding business needs or relating to non-technical people. These skills can improve business success by as much as 50%. Sadly, business and people skills training and development is rarely focused on the specific needs of IT people.

If you are an IT business owner, or manager in a larger organisation, I can help to develop your skills. I do this through a personalised programme of practical mentoring, games and workshops. My proven approach is to work on real business problems – so that you get direct benefit, which you can apply immediately. I can help you with:

Managing IT People Performance – getting more from individuals and teams

Team building, understanding individual motivation, setting objectives, writing job descriptions, monitoring progress, measuring productivity, mentoring for improved performance, flexible working etc.

Personal Development Planning- IT management skills

Looking at personal motivation, reviewing management styles, effective communication, growing leadership skills, taking responsibility for the team, developing a mentoring approach, project management, creative problem solving, ‘walking the job’, time management, management networking, identifying learning opportunities, time management, developing soft skills, management tips, techniques & tools etc.

Stakeholder Management – improved agreements and better understanding

Facilitated discussions, defining goals, increasing innovation, analysing and mitigating risks, customer surveys, managing suppliers, setting expectations, negotiating win-win, defining business strategy, business planning, communicating effectively,  ecollaboration etc.

Leading from the Middle - getting good management top to bottom

Situation review, matching personal/team/organisation goals, marketing internally, balancing management & leadership skills etc.

Motivating Employees – getting everyone engaged with the change

Facilitated change discussions/workshops, implementing effective on-going communication, understanding individual motivation, giving constructive feedback, benefits of ‘small wins’ etc.

Interim Management - when you need someone on-site to help

Part-time cover for middle and senior management roles. I will also look to improve the above areas whilst I’m with you.

All of the above can be delivered via 1-2-1 coaching/mentoringgroup workshops/training, talks to groups of any size, or Skype.


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