Are you achieving your management goals?

In top performing organisations, 80% of managers are rated as effective or highly effective – compared to just 39% in low-performing companies.  Ineffective management mean higher costs, below par performance and unhappy customers.

Achieving your leadership and management goals in IT has some special challenges. Like dealing with the pace of technology change and managing highly technical and smart IT people. Having access to someone with this experience is often hard, but when you do, can boost your success significantly. Good Management and Leadership training will give you the core knowledge you need, but having a mentor will boost your ability to make sense of that knowledge. Having a good mentor is like having an experienced friend working alongside you; someone who will offer you different ideas, objective feedback and build your confidence. If you're stuck in a rut, a mentor will also inspire you to find new ideas, assess them and implement them to help you grow your business.

Unlike a consultant, a mentor will help you build your own skills, not dependency on theirs.

Since 2003, we have been working alongside many small, medium (and some larger) organisations to give the kind of special support that IT SMEs need. With a combination of technical IT background, business knowledge, management experience, empathy, people skills and systematic approach means Cocreative will deliver startling results for you. 

Over the years we have developed a number of checklists to help our clients. If you would like a free copy -

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Trip hazards of an accidental manager


mentee and mentor in discussion Cocreative will share our extensive experience, give you support and encourage new thinking, enabling you to believe in yourself and achieve your goals and objectives with greater confidence.


workshop Cocreative training is interactive, high quality and delivered by someone who has lived the subject in the real world. Someone who will inspire you to retain and use more of the information shared and in practical ways.


inspirationCocreative will inspire you, encourage you and help you become more motivated. From a creative problem solving workshop to a regular innovations programme, we will help you and your team rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit.
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